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I'm a Finnish freelance dance artist graduated from Balettakademien Stockholm. Currently I'm living in Helsinki. For me, one of the most important aspects of being a dancer is that I can use my physical capacity and expression to discover different ways of being, feeling and connecting to myself and to others. I really want to work in choreographies, which are technically demanding, risk taking and full of motion and passion. During the past few years, I have also become more inspired by physically demanding dance theatre. Being able to perform and use, not only movement, but voice, text and acting is challenging but very intriguing and fruitful. I'm also trying to use more breath, qualities of vulnerability, roughness and reflections of different life experiences in order to find more meanings into my dance and movement quality.


What I do

After my graduation in 2010, I have had the honor to dance in performances choreographed by f.ex. Joona Halonen, Thomas Freundlich, Johanna Nuutinen, Milla Virtanen, Reija Wäre, NordCC and Nomodaco. I have also been part of a few big productions at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki and Finnish National Opera.

I'm very motivated in being active on my own creative work and co-operating with other artists and filmmakers. In 2012, together with dancers Meeri Altmets and Emmi Väisänen, we founded NosteK that is a collective that creates and produces dance art with choreographers and freelancers from different artistic fields. So far NoskeK has performed two full-length dance pieces.

Teaching contemporary, lyrical and modern jazz has also been part of my career since graduation. I really enjoy this challenge and I want to share my knowledge about movement and body as pedagogically as possible and inspire people to move and dance. Besides working, I have regularly continued taking professional classes and courses in Finland, around Europe and in Israel in order to keep up my strength, improve my technique and broaden my horizon.


Academic career

In addition to my great interest in dance, I have studied in the University of Jyväskylä, Regina and Gothenburg during the years 2003-2008. My major was educational science and my minors were ethics, gender studies and psychology. I’m having a break from my academic career during the near future, but I have decided to write my theses one day and possibly connect the research work with dance. I think that dance as a cultural phenomenon, lifestyle, sport and art genre is worth researching because the dance world is full of interesting people, pieces of work and phenomena that should be lifted up. But before the theoretical aspect, I want to take part in it practically as much depth as possible.



What I've done


Work as a dancer
2018-2019 [frames] Iiro Näkki / Helsinki
2018 Kuusnolla Satu Tuomisto / Helsinki
2017-2018 Kiteytyvä Guillermo Sarduy / Kuopio, Kokkola, Helsinki
2017-2018 Edith Södergran - Vierge Moderne Ooppera Skaala / Helsinki, Turku
2016-2019 You and Me Thomas Freundlich / Kotka, Helsinki
2016 Pelkopiiri Mia Malviniemi / Vaasa
2016 Untouchable Thomas Freundlich / Kotka
2016 Indigo Reija Wäre / Finnish National Opera
2015-16 Transit Thomas Freundlich / Helsinki, Kotka
2015 Symposion Thomas Freundlich / Helsinki
2014 Staden Tove Skeidsvoll, Carolina Bäckman / Umeå
2014 Reflex Tove Skeidsvoll / Vaasa, Skellefteå, Mariehamn
2014 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Milla Virtanen / Soul, Korea
2014 5th Floor Milla Virtanen / Oulu, Kuopio
2013 Svorskuomi Arja Tiili, Åsa N. Åström, Vilde Sparre /Stockholm, Trondheim and Helsinki
2011-13 Kristina från Duvemåla Lena Josefsson / Swedish Theatre in Helsinki
2013 Fire Circus Walkea Antti Suniala, Minttu Pietilä / Helsinki
2011-12 Worry Doll Joona Halonen / Oulu and Pyhäjärvi and tour in Sweden and Norway
Work by NosteK and me
2017 Tunsimme toisiamme Minttu Pietilä and Katri Salmenoja/ Helsinki
2017 36/42, 60seconds dance film Minttu Pietilä, Thomas Freundlich, Pauli Juppi
2016 dance7en, dance film project Minttu Pietilä and Pauli Juppi
2015 Faked on a New Story Minttu Pietilä / Urban Apa Festival, Helsinki
2015 36/42, solo performance Minttu Pietilä / Karjaa, Turku, Sastamala
2015 Faked on a New Story Minttu Pietilä / Urban Apa Festival, Helsinki
2015 Sliding on Surfaces, Riding on Horses Katja-Maria Taavitsainen, NosteK production / Helsinki
2015 Fall up - Get down. Dance film Minttu Pietilä, filmed by Pauli Juppi
2014 Piirto Veronica Yakushevich, Minttu Pietilä / Zodiak - Mamuska, Helsinki
2013 Riesa Johanna Nuutinen, NosteK production / Helsinki, Kuopio
2009-10 Balettakademien Stockholm, Professional Dance Programme. 3rd year of the education.
2008-09 DiAmbra Dance Programme and Balettakademien Stockholm Street Dance Programme.
2003-08 University of Jyväskylä, Regina and Gothenburg. Educational science, psychology, ethics etc.
2002-07 Jyväskylä Vocational Institute, Degree in Comprehensive Course of Dance.
2002-03 Västra Nylands Folkhögskola, Professionally Oriented Dance Program.
2002 Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School, Matriculation Examination.
Some workshops and classes
2010-2018 Professional contemporary and ballet classes at Tanssille ry, Helsinki Dance Company and Marameo and Dock 11 in Berlin
2017 L-E-V dance company intensive in Turin, Kidd Pivot workshop in Amsterdam, Gaga workshop in Helsinki
2016 Petri Kekoni workshop in Helsinki
2015 Gwyn Emberton and Ido Batash, iCODACO workshop in Stockholm
2014 Amsterdam Summer Intensive 2014 at Henny Jurriëns Foundation
2013 Gaga Intensive Spring in Belgium and Summer 2013 in Tel Aviv
2013 Palamós Summer Dance by CobosMika Company
2013 ilDance Summer Intensive in Gothenburg
2012 Impulztans Vienna International Dance Festival
2012 Amsterdam Summer Intensive 2012 at Henny Jurriëns Foundation
2011-12 Tero Saarinen Workshop in Turku and Pyhäjärvi
2010 International Summer Courses in Stockholm
2018 Treenit ry, dance classes for professionals in Tampere
2017 Tanssille ry, dance classes for professionals in Helsinki
2015 - Tanssikeskus Footlight - contemporary, lyrical jazz
2017 - Helsingin tanssiopisto - lyrical jazz, Jazz Attack performance group
2016-2017 Porvoon Tanssiopisto - contemporary, lyrical jazz
2016 Kruununhaan ylä-aste and Kaisaniemen ala-aste - dance education
2011 - Substitute teacher at Tanssikoulu DCA, Helsingin Tanssiopisto, Tamara Rasmussen Opisto, Tanssivintti, Taidetehtaan tanssikoulu

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Minttu Pietilä


Autumn 2018


Kiteytyvä - Dance film

Choreography and dance: Guillermo Sarduy and Minttu Pietilä

Filmmaker: Antti Ahokoivu


Dreamcatcher - Dance film

Choreography and dance: Minttu Pietilä

Filmmaker: Pauli Juppi


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